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Here at Topanga Veterinary Clinic, we offer a variety of services to keep your pet healthy and give you peace of mind. 

We offer pet wellness exams for your pet to make sure they are at their best! Just for $45.00 (appointment only) you can get your pet examined by our amazing veterinarian!


We perform Ovario-hysterectomies (spay) and Castrations (neuter) surgeries for dogs, cats and rabbits. 

According to LA Animals Services, since February 12, 2008, it is the law in Los Angeles to have your dog and cat fixed in order to prevent unnecessary euthanasia of homeless animals. 

Cats and dogs can be spayed and neutered as early as 4 months, do your part and make an appointment today!

No, we no longer accept the Los Angeles Animal Services Vouchers.

Common misconception of spaying and neutering is owners believe it can cause their pet to gain weight. If your pet is normally active keep them active. Activity will keep your pet from gaining unnecessary weight. Also a balanced diet with the consultation from a veterinarian will also keep your pet at a healthy weight.

You must also bring your pets vaccination records with you to your pets scheduled appointment.



We perform a variety of surgeries to help make your pet as comfortable as possible.  

Surgeries we perform are: 

Orthopedics surgeries- bone fracture repair, femoral head osteotomy, limb amputation, ligament repair

Wound Repairs

Reproductive Surgery (other than spay and neuter) -Cesarean Section, cryptorchid surgery, Pyometra, 

Cyst drains and abscess removals

Oral (Dental) surgeries- teeth removal

Hematoma (ear) repairs

Ophthalmic Surgery- Cherry eye, enucleation of the eye


We perform a variety of tests to help protect and make sure your pet is healthy.


Some blood tests we perform are CBC, Senior Wellness, Feline retroviral, Canine Wellness, titer tests, Feline Comprehensive, thyroid profile, Total Body Function, Renal Profile, Vet-Screen, 


Fecal tests (Ova and Parasite)

Fungal cultures

Heart-worm Antigen Test


Canine Parvo virus Test


Here at Topanga Veterinary Clinic, we strive to help make having a pet in your home easy and worry free! Here are some products that we carry to help protect your pet and bring you peace of mind. 

Is your pet up to date on vaccines?

We offer the core vaccines required by Los Angeles for your pets.

For kittens and puppies, it is recommended to start vaccinations as soon as they are 6-8 weeks of age.

We offer for dogs: 

DA2PP (Distemper, Adenovirus, Parvovirus and Para influenza) , DA2PP +CV(Corona Virus), Bordetella (oral), Rattlesnake Vaccine, Lyme vaccine (for dogs 9-12 weeks old) and Rabies (1 year for puppies 12-16 weeks, 3 year for dogs 1 year and up) 

We offer for cats:

FVRCP (Feline Rhinotraechitis Calici and Pan Leukopenia Chlamydia Psittaci Vaccine), FeLV (9 weeks, Feline Leukemia Virus) and Rabies (1 year for kittens 12-16 weeks and 3 year for cats 1 year and up)


When dogs and cats get older, they develop plaque and tartar on their teeth. Just like with us, food build up can cause periodontal disease in our pets gums. We help prevent your pet from getting diseases of the gums and teeth by performing a dental cleaning using our water scaler to blast away harmful plaque and tartar built up on your pet's teeth. Your pet will be placed under anesthesia while we perform a full dental cleaning on your pet's teeth. Your pet will be required for blood work if they are older than 5 years old to make sure they can go under anesthesia. We do not perform anesthesia free cleaning as anesthesia free cleaning does not use a scaler to fully clean your pets teeth.

For more information please visit https://www.aaha.org/pet_owner/about_aaha/why_accreditation_matters/guidelines_position_statements/aaha_dental_care_guidelines_for_dogs_and_cats.aspx



Topanga Veterinary Clinic offers the Best Flea Products to protect your Pets.  With Bravecto for dogs, your dog will have 3 months protection with just one chewable tablet! We even offer a liquid treatment for cats!

Did you know if your pet has fleas there is a high chance your pet may have worms too? Its not just puppies and kittens you have to worry about! your adult cat or dog can still get worms. Ctenocephalis Felis, known as "The cat flea" is known as an intermediate host for the tapeworm. Fleas eat the tapeworm egg and The tapeworm gets into your pets intestines by the flea getting ingested by your pet during self grooming. Tapeworms eggs can be identified by seeing little white rice like segments (They wiggle!!) around your pets anus or in your pets stool. 

We offer solutions for your pets worm infestation.  

The solution is dewormer, we offer Strongid and Panacur dewormers depending on the type of worm infestation your pet has. Also don't forget to get that fecal test to make sure there are not anymore worms after treatment!

Does your Pet have a micro-chip?  Here at Topanga Veterinary Clinic we offer Micro finder Micro-chips. With Micro finders' slim design your pet can be easily Microchip with little to no pain!

Did you know pets can also have food allergies or Urinary crystals? You can your pet can help combat the issue with Veterinary Exclusive diets. We offer a variety of choices depending on your pets ailment. Also, just because your pet has to eat prescription pet food does not mean no treats! Royal Canin and Science diet offer Veterinary Exclusive treats for your pet depending on the prescribed diet. Yeay!

To order Purina Veterinary Diets, click here:




Client and Pet favorite!

Bravecto chewable tablets for dogs come in different dosages depending on your pets' weight. With just one chewable treat, you can protect you pet from fleas and ticks up to 3 months! Take care of those pests, purchase a chewable today!



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